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Living in Jewel Tones: Our Founder's Family Room

Our founder of Estelle Colored Glass, Stephanie Hall, is a big fan of color, as reflected in the collection, and glimpses of her family room is further solid proof of this fact.  Jewel tones are Stephanie's favorites especially when it comes to velvet textures and accent pieces. Stephanie's process for bringing in color is usually

"through pillows, lamps, throws, rugs, and kid-friendly comforting pieces  -- this allows for constant change through the seasons of the year -- by the time fall and winter rolls around --the rich jewel tones are brought out and winter curtains are hung again. The color blends well with the neutral backdrop and the room remains a  calming space everyone can live with for the entire season. Comfort and clean lines are key."

Enjoy the peek into the space below.

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