Dress to Impress your Easter Table

Dress to Impress your Easter Table

Our Estelle brand is all about helping make sure you have a pretty curated tabletop collection for every special occasion including Easter. When you have a collection of beautiful pieces, it does not take much effort to pull together a beautifully DRESSED Easter Table.

1.Table Centerpiece

DRESS to IMPRESS with the table centerpiece. We created an arrangement that signifies that Spring is here and used a variety of blooms that can now be found in yards everywhere or will be coming up soon. The arrangement included yellow tulips, daffodils, spray roses, lilac stock, white hydrangea blooms, red bud tree branches and hyacinth. A few of these items were sourced from local yards!

2. China, Napkins and Silverware 

ANCHOR the table with pretty china pieces. Here we used a pattern with a lace finish in a neutral bone color. We used gold flatware and lavender dinner napkins to complete the look.

3. Estelle Glassware

ADD in Pops of Color. A variety of Estelle stemware and stemless glasses help accomplish this with ease.

4. Fun Elements

Make sure the EXPECTED elements make the show. Here we added some decorative eggs and, of course, a bunny.

5. Dessert

EXTEND THE FUN with bowls of candy mixed in with the traditional Easter cake and other desserts on a bar or dessert side table or why not BOTH. At Easter there can never be too many sweets.